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When Should You Call An Emergency Electrician

Your Power Has Gone Off

Power cuts be an a mind numbing source of frustration. Living in South Africa we’ve grown well accustomed to power cuts. However, not all power cuts are “planned”. Your power can obviously still go out  even if it may not be your time for load shedding.

If the fault lies with your electrical wiring you should consider calling an emergency electrician in your area. Households are able to run multiple power outlets at the same time. If your electrical load appears to be too much you might want to call an emergency electrician. We will be able to take a better look into what is causing your electrical fault and provide you with suggestions and the necessary repairs to keep you in the light.

It’s often a tempting idea to leave late night electrical emergencies until the morning. Which in a way makes sense as you wouldn’t be needing any electricity during the night – right? 

Actually, many appliances still consume electricity even while you sleep. Allowing these appliances to run through an electrical fault can cause a much more severe electrical emergency than you found yourself in in the first place. Rather prevent this disaster by calling an emergency electrician near you right away.

Emergency Electrician - Water comes into contact with your Power outlets

Everyone knows that water and electricity are a dangerous combination. That’s why many homes and offices no longer have power outlets in the bathroom. Maintaining a good distance between water and electricity is usually quite easy, however in some cases this is not always avoidable. Disasters can and do happen. Roof leaks, flooding and burst geysers are all potential electrical emergencies waiting to happen. 

Call your local electrician or our team of certified experts – Boksburg Electrician

Not touching the water is really important. You need to keep yourself safe and out of harms way. Don’t use any of the electrical appliances in your home or office which includes your ceiling lights. Rather call an emergency electrician and make sure it’s safe before you put yourself in danger. It’s important that you deal with the situation in a safe way. When combined, water and electricity can lead to fires and incredible shocks that could be life threatening.

If your power outlets have been contaminated by water it’s most like the case that you will be in need of an emergency electrician to assess the damage and complete the repairs before you can use your electricity again. A thorough inspection of your homes wiring system would also be a good idea to ensure nothing else get’s damaged.

Urgent Electrician - electrical burning smells and visible smoke

If you smell something burning in your house or office you will know immediately that something is wrong – especially if whatever is burning is a result of faulty electrical systems. Take action quickly and turn off the main electrical output. It could be a result of faulty electrical wiring repairs.

Burnt out power outlets are a good indicator that there could be an issue within the electrical circuit itself. This could be the result of many factors including a power surge which is not uncommon. Power surges can put both you and your property in a bad situation if not dealt with correctly.

You should check your power outlets for any kind of discoloration. If the colors look off this could indicate that something has been burning and the smoke has began to stain your outlets. If this is the case, call an emergency electrician immediately. Signs of smoke are signs that an electrical fire could burst out at any moment. For your safety, turn off your power supply by the fuse box and call an emergency electrician to inspect the situation.

If your electrical system is experiencing some kind of burning there could be many reasons for this. Electrical circuits may be old and over used. This could also be the result of overloaded sockets. Your electrical wiring may be damaged or may have become damaged over time with general use. It may be the case that the original installation or repairs were not carried out properly. Our emergency electricians well trained to handle these situations and provide new electrical installations so give us call.

There are a number of reasons why your electrics may be burning. It may be that your circuits have been overused and overloaded, leaving your wiring vulnerable to damage, or that your wiring and power outlets weren’t installed properly in the first place. Whatever the reason, immediate action is necessary to prevent the damage from getting worse and causing an electrical fire.