Electrical Certificate Of Compliance (CoC)

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What Is An electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

A Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a required document that verifies the quality of electrical installations such as the plugs, lights, DBboards, geysers and wiring in a home comply with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

When do you need electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC)?

Do you plan on selling your house? Well, you’re going to need a number of certificates of compliance before you are able to sell. Save yourself the hassle and ensure you have all your certificates in place, even before you decide to list your property. Advice from privateproperty.co.za. Your electricial electrical COC may be valid for up to two years. If you have already received a certificate of compliance in the past it may still be valid. If you need a new COC, our Boksburg Electrician will be happy to help.

Who can issue a Certificate of Compliance?

An electrical certificate of compliance can only be issued by a registered electrical contractor. A CoC will only be issued once the registered contractor has completed all routine checks to the electrical installations AND has found the systems to be in safe working condition. If the electrical system is not deemed to be safe, the registered contractor MUST refuse to issue a certificate until the issues have been correctly dealt with.

A Certificate Of Compliance illegally issued could put peoples lives in danger. Please consult a licensed professional

How do I know if an electrical contractor is registered?

You can always request to see your contractors registration certificate with the Department of Labour

There are a number of bodies that provide registration certificate to licensed members. One of these is the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association).All members of the ECA are registered contractors. If your contractor is not an ECA member you could request to verify their registration certificate. If you do not trust the registration certificate,  contact the Department of Labor to verify the registration number and the registration of your contractor.

What does an electrical certificate of compliance cover?

The simplest way to understand this is to thinking about the types of electrical installations in your home. Generally a coc covers the permanent electrical installations like light switches, distribution boards, earthing, wiring and electrical sockets but does not cover the fixed appliances themselves – motors, geysers, fans, stoves, floor heating etc.

Items that are covered by an electrical certificate of compliance include:

  • Wiring and cables from the incoming mains to your main distribution board.
  • Components of the main distribution board and sub boards such as circuit breakers and earth leakage.
  • Wiring from the distribution boards to switches and plugs, including the wall sockets and light switches.
  • Wiring to fixed appliances, including appliances connected to a wall socket – does not include the actual appliance.
  • Earthing system and connectivity throughout the installation.
  • Proximity of sockets and switches to potential hazards like taps and baths.
  • Correct installation of the mains switch – accessibility and minimum height requirements.
  •  SABS or other approved rating for  all electrical equipment in the installation.
  • Safe installation and attachment of electrical equipment.
  • Safe working condition of all parts of the permanent electrical installation – including safety requirements and features.
  • Electrical readings meet the requirements – voltages, insulation, earthing and other values.

Electric fences - electrical coC

Unbeknownst to many. An electric fencing system is not covered by your typical electrical certificate of compliance. You will be required to obtain a separate certificate known as an Electrical Fence System Compliance Certificate. This certificate falls under The Electrical Machinery Regulations of 2011.