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Electrical Rewiring Services

We highly advise that you hire a qualified electrician to conduct all of your electrical rewiring. Attempting to repair or install wires on your own can be dangerous. By using us a qualified electrician you will have the peace of mind that your electrical rewiring has been done right the first time,

It is preferred to hire a qualified electrician for all your electrical rewiring services. It’s not recommended to repair or install any wires by yourself. Using a qualified electrician, your rewiring will be done in a professional manner, your rewiring will be on standard with your electrical COC and you will be in safe hands.

Our team of expert electricians will conduct a full inspection of your wires on your property to locate any potential issues. Once the inspection is complete we can provide the necessary electrical rewiring which could include new wiring installations for your own protection. Wiring problems can cause a wide variety of issues for any home or commercial property.

GP Boksburg Electrician have qualified and well trained staff ready to conduct full inspections, repairs and wiring installations in Boksburg and all other areas of Johannesburg.

Common Electrical Wiring Problems

Faulty light switches

If you’re experiencing faulty lights or the lights in your home keep tripping, this could be due to faulty wiring and may require new light switch installations. Another common reason for fault lights is the actual light switch may not be of high quality and not meet the required electrical standards. Tripping lights may also be caused by the expected deterioration in the lifespan of the light switch. Old switches that need replacing are a very common cause for problematic lights.

Problematic light switches and faulty lights can also be cause by faulty appliances in your home. bad circuits, burnt wires or bad wiring of electrical installations.

For assistance with any of the above contact our team of experts at GP Boksburg Electrician.

Tripping circuit breakers

Circuit breakers can trip if the electrical load is too intense. Some devices like microwaves and welding machines operate at a high wattage which could result in a tripped circuit.

If a circuit breaker is faulty and does not trip when it is supposed to, this could lead to a lot of danger. The purpose of the circuit breaker is to prevent a circuit from being overused which could result in an electrical fire or some other kind of electrical emergency at your home or business.

Inspecting a tripping circuit breaker can be performed relatively easily by turning off all your appliances and testing each appliance one at a time until the circuit trips. This will identify the problem, let us figure out the solution.Water leakage, burnt wires or broken wires can be a possible cause.

If an appliance is not the cause for a faulty circuit, it could be damaged wires which will need to be inspected and the electrical wires will need to be repaired by one of our licensed electricians.

Electrical power surges

Electrical power surges occure for numerous reasons. It’s possible that devices running at high wattage could overload the system and cause an electrical power surge. Thunderstorms are also common causes for problematic power surges.

Faulty wiring is one of the more common causes of power surges around Boksburg and Johannesburg. Damaged wires can lead to an electrical surge which may be a small problem at the start, but can eventually lead to completely tripping your power. This could result in damages to all your devices plugged into the circuit like laptops, cellphones and TV’s.

The best way to prevent power surges it to have one of our experts conduct an inspection for any faulty wiring on your property.

Electrical shocks

Most of the time an electrical shock is not fatal although there is no need to take the chance. Faulty wiring could lead to being shocked when plugging or unplugging a device into your wall switches. Damaged wires behind your socket can short and lead to electrical shocks or fires. To prevent any further shocks, trips or fires, get in touch with us.