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Damaged Geyser Repair Boksburg

These days, just about every home has a hot water geyser installed. A geyser is one of the most commonly used household appliances. It’s serves it’s purpose every time you have a bath or show. It’s used during washing clothes, cooking food and cleaning up.

It’s not surprise that  items that are used frequently will experience routine wear and tear – just like a car or the rest of your house. Scheduling geyser maintenance every few years will help prolong the longevity of your geyser and keep the hot water running through your pipes.

Geyser Inspection & Repair - No hot water

 At it’s core, your geyser has some main components, two of them are the primary heating elements.

  • If you find yourself in the position where you have no running hot water, although you still have electricity at your house. First confirm that your geyser is on at the main switch board. If it is on and still not providing hot water, this is likely a sign that the heating elements in the geyser have have given in and need inspection and possible repairs.
  • The heating elements are the prime suspect although not the only possible reason for a faulty geyser not being able to provide hot water. The geyser thermostat could be the culprit. The thermostat is generally used to manage the water temperature running through the geyser and your pipes. If your thermostat goes out of business, they geyser may not heat the water at all.
  • For both of the possible causes above, contact our team of registered electricians at GP Boksburg Electricians to schedule an inspection and provide a quote for any repairs needed to get your home running back at peak performance.

Geyser Problems - Water not hot enough

  • Like we said above, your waters temperature is managed bt the thermostat inside your geyser. If your thermostat is set to a low temperature, your geyser will cut off the heating element once the water reaches this low temperature. Make sure the thermostat setting is high enough to effectively heat the water in your geyser.
  • It’s also been the case that the geyser thermostat may fault at lower settings which could be the reason for not providing hot water.
  • For Geyser maintenance and check ups, the team of expert electricians at GP Boksburg Electricians  are here to help. Give us a call to set up an inspection time.

Geyser Inspection & Repair - Insufficient Hot Water

  • Most household geysers have a capacity between 150l and 200l.
  • When the water is heated inside the geyser special chemical reactions take place. The minerals separate from the water which eventually make their way to the bottom of the geyser storage tank. Over time, these minerals can lead to the build of mineral deposits and sediment which will behave as an insulator. This prevents the heat from the geyser heating elements from actually warming up the water in your geyser tank. Over time, as the deposits continue to build up, the tank becomes more and more insulated which further restricts the amount of heat being sent to the water supply.
  • With the thicker insulation of mineral deposits, your geyser must work harder and longer to achieve the same heat. This overload will eventually cause your geyser to crack, leak or become damage in one way or another.

Geyser repair & maintenance - Milky Water or bad smells

Does your how water come out of the tap with a milky appearance? Does the water smell normal?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, this could be a sign of a damaged geyser. It is possible that the mineral deposits have managed to make their way through your geyser and into your taps. This is not a good sign. These deposits can often cause pipe blocks or clogs in your faucets. Usually when this happens the water will turn a non clear, cloudy or milky color and give off a type of metallic smell.

Geyser repair & maintenance - Rusted or Leaking Connections

Upon inspection of the inside of your geyser, you will find a metallic rod, referred to as the anode. The anode is an element in your geyser which is often called a sacrificial element. This is because it’s sole purpose is to prevent unwanted corrosion of the other element. Over time your anode will begin to wear out and will need to be replaced every few years. As the anode nears depletion, corrosion of the remaining elements will occur leading to geyser issues which will require maintenance and repair work.

Geyser repair & maintenance - can you do it yourself?

How do I replace my geyser? Can I repair my geyser myself?

If you’re asking these questions, it’s probably best that you call a certified professional to assist with your geyser repairs and maintenance. In some case, a geyser repair job is possible to do on your own, however, in these cases, it’s rare that a Geyser supplier will credit the homeowner with a warranty on the Geyser as it needs to be replaced by a registered and qualified electrical or plumbing team that will meet the SABS standards.

GP Boksburg Electrician - Geyser Repair, Maintenance, Installation

As registered electricians in Boksburg South Africa, we offer our services to all nearby areas. If you have a faulty geyser and are looking to get it fixed, don’t hesitate to contact us.